Item Inventory


If you'd like to unravel the mystery and intrigue regarding the Arcane card and code that is included with every order, you should really stop reading.



When you create an account on the new Cursed Crypt site, it is a lot like creating a character for a role-playing game. We have a ton of features and functionality that is going to be included in future website updates - but the inventory system is available now for all accounts!

Your inventory includes all the items you've purchased from Cursed Crypt, as well as extra components and consumables that you can acquire through special Arcane codes that you get from Cursed Crypt in emails, on social media, partners, or during special events. The consumable items give you special discounts - some are one-time use, and others stick around to be used multiple times (or infinitely).

Here's a handy guide to redeeming Arcane codes:

  • Visit It will ask you to either log in, create an account, or if you are already logged in, you're good to go.
  • Enter the code when prompted. You can only enter any given code once.
  • You'll be shown the items you are being rewarded, and then be redirected to the main site once you click "view inventory".

On the site, you can check your inventory by clicking on the avatar silhouette in the upper righthand corner, and then clicking inventory within the menu.

Clicking on any item provides you with details. Clicking on a consumable item gives you an option to use it. Using it will apply its effect to items within your cart at time of checkout.


We have big plans for the way the inventory system.

In the coming months, you'll see new functionality like:

  • Crafting items: combine ingredients to find new recipes and create new consumables.
  • Character Sheets: Profiles where you can show off your coveted inventory items.
  • Item Trading: Track down that ingredient that you need and offer up some unneeded goods in return!
  • Social Show Off: Build your character on Cursed Crypt and then show it off to the world with built-in social sharing.

The very first of these changes is coming in the next week. Items you purchase will be added to your existing inventory! Everything else will roll out with future versions of the website.


Want more codes? We'll be doling them out all over the place. If you haven't received your Kickstarter rewards, there's definitely one in there. If you place a new order, it is likely to have a new Arcane card in it! We'll be slinging them on social media, so follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Our YouTube videos or Twitch streams may contain codes, and we'll definitely be handing some out to those of you that join our Discord.