CC- Grassland

A green lawn or tall grass. The floor of a forest. You decide.

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Piece Removal Instructions

You’ve got new Magnetic Maps! Your maps come pre-cut, which means that we cut a half-depth outline around each object, and leave the fun part to you - popping them out! We find the process cathartic and relaxing, but it does require a bit of finesse!

The Perfect Removal

We’ve found the perfect approach to separating pieces from their jacket. If you follow these steps you will succeed.

Pieces of Advice

The best advice we can give is to be gentle! Trust us, we’ve ruined plenty of pieces by going to town on them like a barbarian at a barbecue.

  • There may be complicated corners with twists and turns - take them slowly and carefully.
  • Be like a monk, and use your hands. DO NOT use knives, blades, or swords.
  • Make this a social experience! Do you know any rogues? Nimble fingers and all...
  • If you find a shallow cut, that’s probably our fault. Sorry! Save those pieces for the end.
  • Always fold along the cut line before tearing - or risk certain doom and frayed rubber.
  • If a piece (particularly a small or complex detail) starts to stretch, stop, breathe, and fold again. Stretched pieces have a tendency to tear.
  • Stone by stone, a castle. Piece by piece, an adventure. Have fun and take your time.

Care Instructions

Magnetic Maps are like the spell components of map-making wizardry - full of creative potential but will wear out over time if not cared for properly. This guide will teach you how to give your pieces the long life they deserve.


To clean your maps, use only water and soft cloths. Strong solvents or the Grid Cleaning Spray can damage the image.


Unlike the Grids, your Magnetic Maps DO NOT have the Any Erase surface. We do not recommend using markers on them.


The maps are made from magnetic rubber, which has a terrible memory. To store, place each piece on a flat surface free of debris to prevent damage.


Heat will warp your maps. Avoid leaving them inside hot vehicles and in direct sunlight. Extreme cold will cause the magnetic rubber to become brittle.

Warranty Information

Your Magnetic Maps are covered under a limited warranty. If your pieces tear during removal within 14 days of receipt, we’ll replace them – you’ll just pay shipping.

What is Covered?

Dramatic misprints and tears that occur during removal of pieces from their jacket.

What isn't Covered?

Minor imperfections and anything that happens after they are removed from their jacket.

Is it Transferable?

Nope! This is a one-time warranty that only covers the Magnetic Map pieces while being removed from their jacket within 14 days of receipt.

Replacement Parts

If you need to replace sheets or pieces from your set, let us know. We’re happy to handle individual replacements on a case by case basis.


  • 10”x10” Magnetic Print
  • Durable 15mil sheets
  • Designed to work with the Mimic’s Grid