Snowdrift Map Set

Bring the bitter cold of the open tundra to your table with the Snowdrift Map Set! Perfect for all kinds of settings, as long as those settings are frozen. Includes four 10"x10" Snowdrift magnetic maps for use with the Mimic's Grid.

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Snowdrift Map Set

Bring the wintry wastes to your tabletop with our snowdrift map set. Four 10x10 magnetic maps make a perfect backdrop for your adventures in Icewind Dale, on Hoth, inside your freezer, or anywhere else where sub-freezing temperatures are found.

Maps snow play

Build a frozen wasteland to wage epic snowy battles with all manner of frost giants, ice dragons, or magically imbued snowmen come to life.

Other items not included - we're just showing off how cool your snowy scene can be.

Maps snow play2

Make your group's barbarian feel right at home on the tundra expanse. Soothe their soul and prevent unwanted rages with plenty of snow and probably a little booze.

Maps snow detail

It looks you good you can practically feel the windchill against your skin!

Additional pieces in photos by 2-Minute Tabletop.

Additional Info

Got questions on our magnetic maps? We have answers. Visit our Magnetic Map FAQ for information on setup, use, care, and warranty.

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  • Four 10”x10” Magnetic Prints
  • Fluffy white snow that neither fills your boots or leaves a trail
  • Durable 15mil sheets
  • Designed to work with the Mimic’s Grid
  • Works with magnetic miniatures and elements