Natural Cave Map Set

A hole in the earth that looks like it formed naturally. Where does it lead? Created by map guru 2-Minute Tabletop, this rocky discovery consists of 6 10"x10" pieces and is printed on 15mil magnetic material.

Natcave1 $40

Tromping through the forest is a fairly common occurrence in tabletop roleplaying games, and finding long-forgotten openings in the wilderness is not unheard of, either. This natural cave by our favorite map-guy 2-Minute Tabletop sets a gorgeous scene for exploration. Who knows what's lurking inside this big ol' hole in the earth? Could be goblins or kobolds. Could be a hastily disguised time machine left there by some stranded chrononaut - it's up to you!


This rocky ingress was lovingly crafted by 2-Minute Tabletop. It includes 6 10"x10" pieces printed on 15mil magnetic material. Pair it with the Cursed Crypt Dungeon Set to make an atmospheric dungeon delve!