Grassland Map Set

Add verdant fields to your environmental toolbox with the Grassland Map Set. Perfect for use stand alone or in tandem with our wilderness or forest assets. Your adventurers will think twice about avoiding the tall grass after seeing these panels hit your table. The Grassland Map Set includes four 10"x10" magnetic maps for use with the Mimic's Grid!

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Grassland Map Set

Home to enemies and mysteries of all kinds, from ancient avians to pocket monsters, undead scarecrows to creepy children, the grassland is a dangerous place, and rife for adventure. Perfect for camping trips, travel montages, and hunting parties. Works great as a base for a forest setting. Pair with an element set or 3 for a truly immersive experience.

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If you're dealing with a party of adventurers that simply can't get enough of traipsing around in verdant grassy fields, the Grasslands Map Set is for you!

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We use a hybrid of Faerunian Bluegrass and Hyrulian Centipede Grass to give you the best looking grass magnetic maps you've ever seen.

Additional Info

Got questions on our magnetic maps? We have answers. Visit our Magnetic Map FAQ for information on setup, use, care, and warranty.

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  • Four 10”x10” Grassland Magnetic Maps
  • Perfect for standalone fields, settings for roads and settlements, forests, and more
  • Durable 15mil sheets
  • Works with magnetic miniatures, terrain, and other assets
  • Designed to work with the Mimic’s Grid