Galleon - Stackable Magnetic Ship

Set sail across dangerous waters. You're on a boat!

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Galleon Stackable Ship by 2-Minute Tabletop

Take your adventures out on the open water with this fine sailing vessel. Feel the deck roll beneath your feet, and take in the sights of the sea. Venture below deck for a quick sip of rum, but be careful - your luggage may have shifted during travel. This multi-layer set pairs well with any water set to create an excellent backdrop for your adventures.

*Ocean Map Set Sold Separately

2min galleon 3

Explore the Galleon layer by layer! Each section is removed to reveal more of the interior of this awesome seafaring vessel!


  • Printed and cut on 20mil magnetic material
  • 6 panels including 18 individually cut pieces
  • Construct your sea vessel, including a below deck area for cargo, crew, and captives.
  • Multiple masts to master and several sails to show