Dungeon Map Set

Our flagship dungeon set offers building blocks for DMs to craft diabolical dungeons and legendary lairs to house your monstrous malcontents.

Full dugeon set play image bundle $32

Set Includes

Build the dungeon of your diabolical dreams with this multi-piece toolkit.

Remember the good ol' days? Spending time in math class etching out blueprints and maps for your adventuring party to encounter on the weekend? If this tugged at your nostalgia, this is the set for you! Evoking a pen-and-paper map style and aesthetic in an homage to the games gone by, this set is sure to please. Includes 4 10x10 sheets containing multiple walls, doors, and environmental trappings. Grab multiples of this nostalgic toolkit to make the uber-dungeon of your dreams!

Full Dungeon Set Pieces
Hundreds of individual pieces to build your adventure
Tabletop Starter Dungeon

Dungeon Starter - The appropriately-named set that started it all! The unique hand-drawn art style is a homage to the days of yore. Build huge dungeons with tons of individual pieces, including walls, stairs, boxes, crates, chests, and more!

Dungeon Cave

Dungeon Cave Entrance - A crumbling cave leads way to a devious dungeon! Use these pieces to build wooden bridges, or add more walls, rocks, and other assets to your devilish designs.


Dungeon Halls - A place for adventurers to meet, or villains to monologue. Includes some commonly used tokens for players (or monsters) without their own miniatures! A broken table with wood splinters adorns the center of the room, with plenty more walls to build out the dungeon of your dreams!

Dungeon Prison Cells

Dungeon Prison Cells - A perfect prison parts package. Holds prisoners, perils, and potential powers. Skeletal former occupants sought. Includes an executioner's platform, prison cells, a gelatinous cube, beds, a whole boatload of walls, and more!

Play with Tokens!
Build Massive Dungeons!
Maps dungeon play

Build your own unique dungeons and find intricate ways to rid yourself of pesky adventurers!

Additional Info

Got questions on our magnetic maps? We have answers. Visit our Magnetic Map FAQ for information on setup, use, care, and warranty.

Magnetic Map FAQ


  • Four 10”x10” dungeon sections
  • Durable 20mil sheets provide sturdy assets
  • Nostalgic hand-drawn art style
  • Easy to remove pre-cut pieces
  • 240+ modular pieces