Docks of the Dead - Night Map Set

Don't go down to the docks, especially at night, or you just might end up as one of the dead that haunt the place! This spooky map set is made by 2-Minute Tabletop and include 6 10"x10" pieces printed on 15mil magnetic material.

Dock night1 $40
Dock night2

Everyone in town steers clear of the docks, especially after the sun goes down. Terrifying noises can be heard emanating from the accursed place, which is exactly why a group of adventurers might find themselves there. This gorgeous map set, available in both day and night versions, gives your players a huge spooky dock to explore, including a long-abandoned ship. Maybe it's full of GH.... GH... GH... GH... GHOOOOOSTS!

Dock night3

This map set was crafted with skill, precision, and utmost artistry by industry-favorite 2-Minute Tabletop! It comes with six 10"x10" pieces and printed on 15mil magnetic material. Check out the daytime version as well!