Docks of the Dead - Day Map Set

The docks are much safer during the daylight hours. Kind of. A colorful map of dilapidated docks by 2-Minute Tabletop! Includes six 10"x10" pieces printed on 15mil magnetic material.

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Set Includes

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They call them the Docks of the Dead. No one ever goes there, but if you do, you damn well do it during the daylight hours. Your adventurers might be investigating a missing person or grisly murder, either that or they are going to start an opium den outside of the jurisdiction of the local constabulary (we don't know what kind of game you run!)

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This set was crafted by mapmaking wizard 2-Minute Tabletop with all of the artistic flair and attention to detail that you've come to expect from his work. It's printed in glorious detail on 15mil magnetic material. Includes six 10"x10" pieces. Check out the nighttime version as well!