Broken Tile Floor Map Set

Cracked and crusted tile floors from a forgotten structure.

Maps stonefloor $25

As you creep deeper into the ruined castle, you take notice of what must have once been an immaculate floor. The years have been unkind to this place, but the tiles have taken it in stride, Stoic, supporting you and your party as you head deeper, in search of adventure.

The Broken Tile Floor Map Set provides 4 unique floor tiles full of cracks and crusted gunk for your party to traipse across in your dungeon settings. Castles, keeps, or even Cursed Crypts would do well to have these holding up their walls.

Maps stonefloor play

Broken Tile Floor is a versatile and useful map set to use for any of your dungeoneering needs!


  • Four 10”x10” Magnetic Prints
  • Original ruined floor, great for any dungeon
  • Durable 15mil sheets
  • Designed to work with the Mimic’s Grid
  • Works with magnetic miniatures and elements