Sling of Reduced Encumbrance

Carry the tools of the trade in style and comfort with the Sling of Reduced Encumbrance. Perfect for Mimic's Grids, books, dice, and tablets. Increase your carry capacity today!

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Sling of Reduced Encumbrance

Bags - the unsung heroes of the dungeon delving party. Useful for carrying tools, absconding with treasures or ill-gotten gains, or kidnapping unsuspecting Halflings. No adventurer worth their salt would be caught without a sack or satchel on their person. Join the ranks of experienced explorers (and look good while doing so) with this devilishly fashionable storage vessel - the Sling of Reduced Encumbrance!

Finished in waxed denim with metallic fixtures for strap adjustments and plenty of zippers, you'll be the talk to of the tavern when you show up to the table sporting this bad boy. Constructed of durable Dark Denimâ„¢, the Sling of Reduced Encumbrance contains multiple pockets for your thieves tools, holy symbol, dice, and spellbooks - one side even features a mesh pocket to hold a decanter of your favorite potion, poison, empty bottle, or... whatever.

It also holds your Mimic's Grids, if you're into that sort of thing, specifically sized to hold up to 9 Grids with plenty of room to spare for your other gaming gear!

Add +1 Strength and +40 Charisma to your person with the Sling of Reduced Encumbrance!

Sling denim

Sturdy Waxed Black Denim

The Sling of Reduced Encumbrance is stylish distinct, sporting a waxed black denim exterior, topped off by a beautifully embroidered Cursed Crypt skull. The durable material will help keep your Grids and other gaming gear sheltered against the elements while you are traversing the dangerous wilds.

Sling bag of holding

Bag of Holding

The Sling has been specifically sized to perfectly fit up to 9 Grids along with plenty of other gaming accoutrements. It has pockets for days, pockets inside pockets, and cleverly made fabric compartments that hold stuff inside those.

The bag in this particular image is stuffed with 14 Grids, multiple books, and a bunch of other gaming gear.

Fun fact: this bag, though stuffed to the brim with items while laying down, was easily zipped up and carried once we picked it up. We were so surprised that we doubl-checked it to make sure there weren't any wayward dimensional portals inside. There weren't.


  • Single Strap Backpack
  • Durable Waxed Black Denim
  • Sized for 9 Grids and More
  • So Many Pockets
  • Comfortable and Stylish
  • Embroidered Cursed Crypt Logo Skull