Mimic's Grid Bundle

Hit the ground running with our Mimic's Grid starter set! 4 or 6 Grids, a set of magnets, a cleaning kit and a dungeon starter or full set, all in one discounted package.

Bundle header Starting at $100

Welcome to the Grid.

The Grid is an infinitely adaptable adventure tile for your tabletop games. Featuring the revolutionary ANY ERASE surface that lets you draw on the Grid with ANY marker (Dry Erase? Check. Wet Erase? Check. Permanent? CHECK) and a lightweight and durable steel body that brings all the awesome power of MAGNETS to your game! All this stuff is packed into a tight 10"x10" frame that sits on a soft neoprene base that won't scuff even the fanciest of tables. The Grid is the most versatile tabletop mapping solution ever made.

The Grid Starter Set is available in two different sizes - with either four or six Grids. This bundle includes the Dungeon Magnetic Map Set by Cursed Crypt, four 10"x10" sheets of dungeon assets that pay homage to the powerful legacy of the classic hand-drawn map. You'll also get a Cleaning Kit and a set of eight round N42 magnets with strong 3M adhesive backing - perfect for sticking on your existing miniatures and terrain!

Grab a Starter Kit and level up your table today!

2 bundle options are available -

Starter Bundle

  • 4x Grids
  • 1 cleaning kit
  • 1 set of 8 disc magnets
  • 1 Dungeon Starter Set (1 panel, 69 total modular pieces)

Deluxe Bundle

  • 6x Grids
  • 1 cleaning kit
  • 1 set of 8 disc magnets
  • 1 Full Dungeon Kit (4 panels, 240+ total modular pieces)



  • 10”x10” square steel Adventure Tile
  • Any Erase surface
  • Integrated magnets
  • Neoprene base
  • Works with magnetic maps, miniatures, and other assets!


  • Durable 20mil sheets provide sturdy assets
  • Nostalgic hand-drawn art style
  • Easy to remove pre-cut pieces