Mimic's Grid Starter Set

Hit the ground running with our Mimic's Grid starter set! 4 or 6 Grids, a set of magnets, a cleaning kit and a dungeon starter or full set, all in one discounted package.

Expected Delivery: September 2021

Bundle header Starting at $100

Get your gaming gear toolbox off the ground with the Mimic's Grid Starter set. Bundling together 4 or 6 grids, a cleaning kit, set of standard disc magnets, and a dungeon art set, all with a hefty discount (you know, because we like you so much), you'd be hard-pressed to find a better way to start your collection.

2 bundle options are available -

Starter Bundle

  • 4x Grids
  • 1 cleaning kit
  • 1 set of 8 disc magnets
  • 1 Dungeon Starter Set (1 panel, 69 total modular pieces)

Deluxe Bundle

  • 6x Grids
  • 1 cleaning kit
  • 1 set of 8 disc magnets
  • 1 Full Dungeon Kit (4 panels, 240+ total modular pieces)



  • 10”x10” square steel Adventure Tile
  • Any Erase surface
  • Integrated magnets
  • Neoprene base
  • Works with magnetic maps, miniatures, and other assets!


  • Durable 20mil sheets provide sturdy assets
  • Nostalgic hand-drawn art style
  • Easy to remove pre-cut pieces