Mimic's Grid

The best customizable tile for tabletop role-playing games - period. Sturdy steel body allows magnetic maps and minis to stay in play, and the Any Erase surface means any marker becomes a cartographers tool. Cleans easily, no matter the ink medium.

Expected Delivery: September 2021

Marker on Grid Starting at $18

The Ultimate Tabletop Adventure Tile

The Mimic’s Grid is the world's most advanced tabletop gaming tool! Each Grid is a 10"x10" raised steel platform. Grids snap onto one another using integrated magnets, allowing any configuration of tiles you want! Build dastardly dungeons or bustling cityscapes; whatever your game calls for! Magnetic game assets adhere directly to the surface of the Grid and only move if you want them to. Use 2D maps, 3D miniatures and terrain, or a combination of both.

That's not all, either! You can write and draw on the surface of the Grid with any type of marker using Any Erase technology! Dry-erase, wet-erase, permanent - even the toughest of inks wipe away with a bit of cleaner.

With the Mimic’s Grid, the only limit is your imagination!

Grid stack spread red

Perception Check!

The Mimic's Grid looks like a simple metal square, but looks can be deceiving - this metal square is anything but simple. Absolutely jam packed with features and functionality, the Mimic's Grid truly is an artifact of wondrous quality. Let's take a magical tour of everything the Mimic's Grid can do:

Grid edge detail

Carbon Steel

The body of the Grid is made from high-quality carbon steel. The steel body is folded at each edge, creating a tray that houses the various components. The steel body means that any type of magnets can attach directly to the surface (or along the sides), which is a big part of the magic of the Mimic's Grid!

Side multi

Grid Lines

The grid lines are screen printed with pinpoint accuracy, creating a perfect play field of 1" x 1" squares, no matter the configuration.

Available in GRID or BLANK

Want a Mimic's Grid without the perfectly drawn Grid on it? Do you desire a blank canvas to unleash your endless imagination on? Need a tiny square metal whiteboard? You've got it! The Mimic's Grid is available with the Grid pattern and blank!

Side magnet

Integrated Magnetics

Grids snap to one another and stay put using embedded magnets along each edge.

Grid anyerase play

Any Erase Surface

ANY type of marker becomes a cartographer's tool with Any Erase. This chemical resistant coating gives you the power to write on the surface of the Grid with dry erase, wet erase, permanent, paint, or any other type of marker. The Any Erase Surface also helps protect your Grids from other dangers, too, like spills or accidents. Leave your Grid looking brand new after every single game!

Mark it up!

Write on the surface of the Grid with any type of marker! Dry Erase, Wet Erase, Permanent, Paint, UV - whatever tickles your fancy.

Spray it down!

Clean the Grid with regular ol' alcohol - or acetone for more stubborn stains! It's as easy as that.

Wipe it away!

Wipe away all that pesky ink in a few quick swipes and leave your Grid looking brand spankin' new!

Bottom neoprene

Neoprene Base

The underside of each grid is a soft neoprene base that help keep your tables scratch-free.

Grid grass scene tavern

2D Magnetic Maps

Slap down 2D maps to instantly create new and exciting environments. Full 2D maps and smaller elements stay in place, letting you build whatever your adventure needs.

Magnet group shot

Adapt your Collection

Throw some magnets on your existing terrain and miniatures and create a 3D world for your games.

Grid weird play

Get Weird

The magnetic properties of the Mimic's Grid lets you do all sorts of crazy things on your tabletop! Build your craziest adventures with verticality, upside-downness, and all sorts of other wild adventure scenarios.

Infinite Resurrections

Buying the Mimic’s Grid from Cursed Crypt is like having a high-level cleric in your party. You don’t have to worry because it’s protected by a lifetime warranty.

Warranty Basics

Your Grid is protected by a lifetime warranty. That means we will replace your Grid as long as we’re alive, and it’s a defect.

What is Covered?

Manufacturing defects such as loose magnets and faulty surfaces.

What isn’t Covered?

Wear and tear, damage caused by you or your party, acts of the gods, staining – basically anything caused by regular old usage.

Is it Transferable?

Yes! If you give your Grids to someone else, bestow this card to them, and recite the following oath:
“You are now sentinel to the Mimic’s Grid. Their fate rests on your shoulders. Be brave, be just, be adventurous.” They should visit our website, too.


  • 10”x10” square steel Adventure Tile
  • Any Erase surface
  • Integrated magnets
  • Neoprene base
  • Works with magnetic maps, miniatures, and other assets!
  • Available in Grid or Blank