Spell School Stickers

Show your school pride! No, not that kind of school - we're talking about MAGIC! No, no... not magical wizarding schools with houses and whatnot, but schools of arcane magic! Rep your favorite school of magic with these arcane stickers!

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You've studied hard, and earned the right to call yourself a specialist spellcaster. Celebrate your achievement by branding your gear with the symbol of your chosen school. Perfect for spellbooks, staves, reagent cases, laptops, skateboards, and possibly familiars (looking at you, rock golems). Choose from all 8 schools of magic, available as black or white stickers. Are you an arcane academic overachiever? Pick up a full set and save some gold!

Sets available for the high functioning witch or wizard

Stickers - General Info and Instructions!

Cursed Crypt's stickers are made with durable laminated vinyl and available in black or white. The shape of each sticker is machine-cut with no backing, meaning that only the design will show up on the surface you apply it to. They are ideal for glass, windows, laptops, and any other smooth surfaces. The stickers use a permanent adhesive for a long-lasting hold both indoors and out.


The majority of the stickers from Cursed Crypt, unless otherwise noted, use an application process and protective film called "R-Tape". Applying it just right can be a little tricky, but by following this guide and going slowly, you'll soon learn to apply stickers with beauty, patience, and, dare we say... perfection.

We highly recommend reading through this process before applying your sticker.

Follow along with this handy guide to sticking sticky things to surfaces they would not otherwise stick to if not for the aforementioned stickiness:

Step One

Thoroughly clean the surface you will be attaching your sticker to! Flat, smooth surfaces are the best. Other surfaces will work, but probably not as well. You can also apply a sticker to someone's face, if you were so inclined, though we do not make any guarantees in regards to permanence, longevity, or not getting punched.

Sticker 1 resize

Step Two

Carefully and slowly peel the backing paper from the R-Tape and the sticker. As you peel, you'll notice that the actual sticker stays attached to the R-Tape. If you see any part of the sticker sticking to the backing paper, press it back down onto the backing paper and apply approximately 5 seconds of pressure to that spot, then try again. That's why we emphasize slowly!

Sticker 2 resize

Slowly (see?) peel the R-Tape, with the sticker sticking to it, all the way off the backing paper. Be careful, the sticky side of the sticker is the side you've just set free... Like a cave fisher hunting for its next meal in the deepest tunnels of the Underdark, this sticker will ensnare anything it comes in contact with (because it is sticky).

Sticker 3 resize

Step Three

Once again, with all the patience and slow-motion slowness you can muster, evenly apply the sticky side of the sticker to the surface that you intend to stick it to. Watch out for pesky air bubbles! If you spot one trying to form, mash it with your finger towards the part of the sticker that you are still applying. Bonus points will be awarded if you laugh like a giant whilst doing so.

Sticker 4 resize

Step Four

Once the sticker is agreeable to its new environment, get in there with them digits and apply pressure to the R-Tape across the entire face of the sticker. This helps the sticky side properly adhere to the surface with a long-lasting and beautiful stick. Pay extra attention to any sharp or thin edges or lines - give them an extra mush or two.

Sticker peel

Step Five

By this point, you're a professional slow-mover, so we probably don't even need to mention the whole going slow thing. It's time to peel that R-Tape away from the sticker! Pay close attention around thin lines, edges, or sharp corners. If you see the sticker start to come up with the R-Tape, press the R-Tape in that area back down onto the sticker and apply more pressure.

Sticker 6 resize

Holy Crap!

You DID it! Take a moment to bask in the glory of your new sticker!

Oh, and thank you for sticking with these instructions. In case you weren't counting along at home, this article included variations of the word "sticker" 32 wholly unnecessary times.


  • Each sticker generally occupies a 3" by 4" area or smaller depending on shape
  • Printed on durable vinyl material
  • Clean and dry application surface before use
  • See our sticker usage videos for additional details