Cleaning Kit

Support the care and feeding of your Mimic's Grid with the Cursed Crypt Cleaning Kit!

Tools cleaningkit Starting at $10

You've acquired a set of Mimic's Grid artifacts that have served you well in battle. The markings of your adventures show on their shiny hides. Help keep your companions clean, shiny, and looking brand new with this Cleaning Kit!

The cleaning kit includes a soft cleaning cloth that was specifically chosen for its ability to clean the Mimic's Grid and an easy-to-carry 3.5oz plastic spray bottle of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol - the recommended solution for cleaning your Mimic's Grid!

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Any Grid worth its salt is bound to get marked up with all manner of inks and markers. A shiny new Grid is only a spray away with the Cleaning Kit! The plastic 3.5oz spray bottle and black cleaning cloth are the perfect size for easy transportation alongside your gaming gear. It comes filled with isopropyl alcohol, the perfect solution for getting rid of wayward ink!

You can use any isopropyl alcohol from 70% to 99%! You've got other options, too, for more stubborn stains, such as acetone!

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You've sprayed the ink, and now it's time to wipe it away! Give it a swipe of the included Cleaning Cloth, and leave your Grid looking as good as new.

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Grab a Cleaning Kit to keep your Grids looking good as new!


  • Includes 1 cleaning cloth and 1 reusable 3.5oz plastic spray bottle
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Perfectly sized to easily carry along with your gaming gear!
  • +3 to Cleanliness!