Packed Earth

Packed earth with a bit of loose sediment on top. Great for frontier tavern floors, dungeons, ruins, or anyplace well traveled but out of range of your local carpet consortium

Maps dirt $25

Pretty much all locations need something to stand on. We are accustomed to these being wood, worked stone, or the like. However, many adventuring locations take place in areas without the ability or need to have a medieval manufactured floor. For your caves, ruins, or even frontier homes and other buildings, there is the Packed Earth Map Set. Also, useful as the muddy outskirts of a swamp or a clearing in a forested area. Great for standing, exploring, and potentially even digging in, but we wouldn't eat off it.

Maps dirt play

An alternative meaning to the phrase "Dirty Fighting", packed earth is a great backdrop for all your earthen needs, from underground caverns to vast forests and a lot more.


  • Four 10”x10” Magnetic Prints
  • Packed Earth easily supports feet, campfires, and buildings alike
  • Durable .15mil sheets
  • Designed to work with the Mimic’s Grid
  • Works with magnetic miniatures and elements