Beach Dunes Map Set

Search for treasure, get some sun, or do a bit of fishing at the Beach Dunes by 2-Minute Tabletop! Each set comes with 6 10"x10" pieces printed on .15mil magnetic material!

Beach2 $40

Let's take a trip to the beach! You might not be there for tanning and relaxation so much as you are there to fight giant man-eating crabs and giant tentacles from the deep, but we think you'll have a good time no matter what. Lovingly crafted (and probably modeled after some scenic Australian beach) by master mapmaker 2-Minute Tabletop, this map is sure to make you feel the heat of the sun and sand everywhere!


Each set comes with six 10"x10" pieces printed on .15mil magnetic material! Grab yours today and take your players on a lovely vacation. We all need a vacation.