Oddments - Magnetic Strip Pack

Here at Cursed Crypt, we like to use ALL the parts of the dragon after we slay it. Oddments are leftover magnetic strips that you may find useful!

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noun - odd·​ment | ˈäd-mənt

1: something left over, remnant 2 : something odd, oddity

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Cursed Crypt is on a crusade to lower the amount of waste materials that we generate. Every print that we make generates strips of magnetic material, which we thought some of you might find useful. It is the same material that we use for magnetic map prints.

Each pack contains strips of magnetic material, approximately 10"x2". They are (mostly) white vinyl on one side, and magnet on the other.


PLEASE NOTE: these should be considered "recycled" items. Please keep in mind that the overall quality of these items is a bit rough. That being said, they do go through a QA process, and we won't send you strips that are bent, ripped, or otherwise unusable. They have been priced accordingly.

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: Oddments do not have an Any Erase surface. Generally, marking them, even with a dry-erase marker, should be considered permanent.

Size per strip may vary; they probably won't be exact, but we'll do our best to make sure they are close.

Some strips may have a tiny bit of bleed from their respective prints along one edge.

Returns and refunds are not available on this item.

Magnetic Leftovers!

That's a pretty good band name.

Write on 'Em!

This ridiculous image was created entirely with 10" x 2" Oddments!


  • Packs of Magnetic Strips
  • They stick to metal things
  • You can write or draw on them
  • Cut them up into your own custom shapes
  • Approximately 10"x2" per strip, with some minor variation
  • 25 strips per pack!