Measuring Tools

Sometimes you just gotta measure. Cursed Crypt's Measuring Tools are made on magnetic material specifically to work with the Mimic's Grid.

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Magnetic Measurement Tools

Sometimes you just have to know exactly how far away that orc is before you lob a handful of magic missile at its head, or you need a better visual representation of the cone of flaming death that is emanating from your fingertips! Measurement tools provide a series of commonly used measurement tools printed on 15mil magnetic material.

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Deadly Accuracy

Each tool in the Measurement Tools set is marked with standard imperial measurements (inches) to give you accurate measurements for your spells and other area-of-effect actions.

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A Wealth of Tools

Measurement Tools includes 5 different commonly used rulers for all manner of devious, dastardly, or occasionally helpful plans. They are printed on the same durable 15mil magnetic material as Cursed Crypt's Magnetic Maps. Includes: 10-inch ruler, 3-inch ruler, Cone, Protractor with Degree Measurements, and 3"x3" block with Radius.


  • 1 Sheet of Printed Magnetic Measurement Tools
  • Printed on 15mil magnetic material
  • 10" Ruler
  • 3" Ruler
  • 3.5" Cone
  • 4" Protractor w/ Degree Measurements
  • 3"x3" Square w/ Radius