About Cursed Crypt

Cursed Crypt

Cursed Crypt is an adventure studio based in Spokane, Washington. We make accessories and enhancements for tabletop games and create exciting content to accompany them.

We’re tabletop gamers. We love creating exciting worlds, that rush you get when you crit, and those long sessions spent unraveling a mystery (or sometimes long sessions spent deciding whether to go left or right – we know how it goes).

We studied our play sessions and started to think of ways to improve the processes without sacrificing interactivity or immersion. We firmly believe that adding too much automation or technology to a game ultimately detracts from the experience and stifles the magic (This statement is so important to us that it deserves to be highlighted in bold text). This philosophy led us down the winding road to discover the magic of the Mimic’s Grid – the perfect tool for enhancing immersion and playability without sacrificing emotional investment and creative engagement.

Ok, but who are you really?

We are a team of marketers, engineers, technologists, and super friends that have worked together for over two decades running comic conventions and building digital products of many shapes and sizes. We have a ton of skills and specializations that have given us a keen eye for quality and what we think people will like.

Prior to Cursed Crypt the partner team built Uxiliary, a Digital Agency in Spokane Washington. Launched in 2014, Uxiliary provides technical development and design services derived from user experience research. Notable clients include Nike, Intel, Dell, Amazon, The City of Spokane, INB, FSB, BECU, Northern Quest, and many more.

We have stories, you should ask.